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Charles Lincoln Carter about 1901. Photo supplied by Ryan Carter

Tribute Page to Veterans - ARW, Civil War, Spanish War, W.W.I, W.W.II, Korean War, Vietnam War
July 2003 Reunion Pictures

Please note that since this site has just been started, and is a 'work in progress', not all the information contained herein has been confirmed.
I hope you will email me with questions and challenges to birth dates, relationships, etc... so we can get it right, as much as possible.

This started out as as search of Squire/Squires/Squier ancestors but soon there was as many connections to the Durkee's, Lincoln's, Bradway's
Moulton's & Skinner's. Most of this data is gathered from www.familysearch.org but some information is directly from the Barbour Collection and the Hale Collection. I'm happy to make any corrections that would get the record straight - email me at the link below.

Do you have a Squires/Squier/Squire picture I can put on our homepage? I'd love to share it with all of our cousins - email the picture with any bio data that would help make the site better!

Have fun and let me know which of your ancestors I should add or change data on.